Three books and a letter sent by Helen Keller to her friend, the florist Max Schling.

A Conversation in Books and Flowers

Three books inscribed by Helen Keller contain the seeds of a correspondence between America’s most famous advocate for the blind and New York’s “Wizard of Flowers.”...

An engraving of "Les Argonautes," featuring people in Ancient Greek clothing. Under the engraving, it says "Les Argonautes, selon Pindare Orphee Et Apollonius de Rhodes."

Missing Pieces

A fragment of an early printed book tells the story of how we think about texts and titles....

Close up of Life of Horace text with lots of pencil drawings and brown ink writing.

On Scribbling in Rare Books

We discourage patrons from writing in our books. But some come to us that way-like our copy of Horace’s collected works belonging to James Russell Lowell....